What to expect at your first meeting.

The Financial Planning Industry has taken quite the battering of late, and with good reason. Although there are many, many very good Financial Planners out there, there are indeed many who have forgotten who the primary beneficiary of their service offering is.


YOU are the primary beneficiary of our service offering. Financial Planning is all about ensuring we know our clients, we understand our clients, and we work together with them to build their financial future.

The First Meeting

Your first meeting with your Financial Planner, is about getting to know you, and understanding your wants and needs.

In preparation for this appointment, we ask you and your partner/spouse (if applicable) to each complete an online questionnaire. This helps us to begin to understand your financial situation before our appointment, making our discussions even more valuable on the day we meet.

At the appointment, your financial planner will ask you a lot of questions, ranging from how long you've been working and how long you intend to continue working, holidays you want to take, purchases you want to make, family planning, what your current budget looks like, any investments and debts you have, what your approach to investing looks like, what insurance products you use...these are just some of the topics you will discuss!

As you are chatting with him/her, they will be taking notes. Rest assured, they are listening intently to what you are saying, and the things you say will potentially trigger further questions.

This is exactly what should happen. It is all about you.

You will not be charged a fee at this meeting. Once the financial planner assesses the scope and complexity of advice required, he/she will provide you with a written quote, confirming the scope of advice, and requesting your agreement to this, prior to proceeding.

It is important to note, that you will not be given advice in your first meeting. After that first meeting, it is imperative that we invest time into researching potential outcomes of our advice, and consider the different options, and opportunities available to you.

It is also a legislative requirement, and ultimately for your protection, that all advice is formally documented, and presented to you.

We would love to partner with you, to plan your financial future.

To make an appointment with us, please call us on 02 4244 4054, or email info@webbfp.com.au

Have a look at our Pre-Appointment Questionnaire here.

Please note that should you wish to proceed with an appointment, we will ask you to complete this questionnaire online via a password protected link.

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